Financial Services & Insurance: embracing a new era of customer understanding

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Meet The Boss

“Tracking and understanding who our customers are, their value to our business, how, when and where they shop is a big challenge for us, to ensure that our trading strategies are always fit for purpose”

Along with the growing demand from customers that the services they access from banks and insurers are personalised, comes an expectation that the services are easy to access and use; through any channel, on any device, at any time.

Sophistication and simplicity are the two value pillars against which the superior customer experience is judged; meanwhile regulatory compliance gets ever tighter. This Tableau virtual roundtable, hosted by Meet the Boss, explored how financial organisations are leveraging their data to strike the right balance between competitive advantage and essential data governance and privacy compliance.

Download this summary report to discover how the top executives in UK Finserv businesses:

  • Drive business value through data
  • Understand the customer journeys and lifestyle moments

  • Overcome data challenges: the vicious/ virtuous circle

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