Improving Resilience in Manufacturing with Modern Cloud Analytics

Manufacturers are facing a time of unprecedented challenges. Global supply chains are being stressed and It’s becoming harder and harder to remain competitive.

“Manufacturers need to make better decisions, faster, and increasingly drive the point of action or resolution closer to the process” Fiona Armada, senior solution architect, AWS.

Many organisations are realising that the key to meeting these challenges comes in making better use of data.

“Now data is required on a daily, even hourly basis to give insight and make decisions, The speed has increased exponentially with the shocks to businesses.” James Smith, area vice-president, Tableau.

Combining flexible cloud infrastructure with adaptive services and self-service analytics made available to the entire manufacturing organisation. In this white paper industry experts from Amazon Web Services and Tableau describe why and how manufacturers are adopting modern cloud analytics to:

  • Take proactive steps, quickly, to mitigate risks
  • Improve sustainability and efficiency
  • Empower their workforce with self-service analytics for better decision-making

And how, Tableau Cloud is helping Jaguar Land Rover democratise data analytics, driving continual improvement and encouraging innovation.


Whitepaper - Techtarget - Manufacturing