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Transforming customer engagement into a data-driven experience at Discover

Leading financial institutions understand the importance of the visual intersection of data around the customer. A truly data-driven approach to customer engagement requires an analytics platform that allows everyone with data to uncover valuable insights, identify the appropriate next best action, and mitigate any financial risk resulting from the customer’s experience. Banks and consumer card providers find many of their customer conversations focus on the delicate subject of collections, so the analytics platform is critical to understand customer preferences and effectiveness of strategies to optimize collections operations through the right channels at the right time and achieve the right outcome for all stakeholders.

For all financial institutions, this analytics platform fuels growth through actionable, real-time analysis, drives efficiency with digitized collaboration, utilizes intuitive data visualizations to manage risk tolerance, and ensures regulatory compliance through comprehensive data aggregation across the enterprise.

Join Discover Financial Services and Slalom Consulting in this webinar to:

  • Explore the Tableau dashboards, visualizations and features necessary to successfully optimize the changing collections process
  • Hear Discover's journey of rationalizing many static reports into a centralized set of interactive dashboards to drive business insight and results
  • Learn the importance of flexibility and agility in generating visual insights for all business leaders

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