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Join us every quarter to learn about the new features in our latest product release. The videos below provide a general overview and demos of the features released.

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Título Duración
What's New in Tableau 2020.4
Tableau 2020.4 includes Tableau Prep Builder in the browser, spatial enhancements, and Resource Monitoring Tool on Tableau Server for Linux.
6 minutos
What's New in Tableau 2020.3
Tableau 2020.3 includes powerful functionality to help scale your analytics, making trusted data more accessible to everyone.
11 minutos
What's New in Tableau 2020.2
Tableau 2020.2 includes significant enhancements to support your analytics journey and elevate your relationship with data.
12 minutos
What's New in Tableau 2020.1 - Community Feature Demo
Join Tableau Public Ambassador, James Smith as he walks us through his dashboard creation process, explaining how he started with the desired experience in mind.
23 minutos
What's New in Tableau 2019.4
Tableau 2019.4 makes it easier for you to find, connect to, and analyze your data with features that include significant table improvements, view recommendations for Tableau Server and Online, and Webhooks...
10 minutos
What's New in Tableau 2019.3
2019.3 brings new capabilities to help you and your organization do more with your data to help understand the “why” behind outliers with Explain Data, build trust in your data...
17 minutos
What's New in Tableau 2019.2
2019.2 includes exciting new ways to interact with your data and new dashboarding capabilities that come together to make a difference for a more precise and streamlined authoring experience.
17 minutos