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Powered by Tableau: Embedding Analytics

Build vs. Buy

More and more companies are driving customer engagement and delight by sharing data and insights with their customers. If you are exploring integrating reporting and analytics functionality into your existing software applications, it’s time to learn more about how Tableau embedded analytics can make your product shine.

This webinar series will tackle all of the big questions you are asking yourself – what visual analytics features do my customers want? How do I make the most of my development resources? Do I build or buy? How do I get to market quickly with a partner I can count on?


Fast to Create. Fast to Market. Learn more.

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Seminarios web a pedido

Título Duración
Delivering Email Analytics at PostUp with Tableau
At PostUp Tableau reporting is at the heart of their client conversations. Hear about PostUps journey to embedding Tableau into their platform and delighting their customers.
54 minutos
Vocera is Delivering Analytics to Their Customers When Seconds Count
Build or buy? Learn about the benefits of partnering with a leader in visual analytics. Tableau adds value to your software with flexible and scalable embedded analytics, made to fit any technology.
65 minutos
Giving Consumers On-Demand Real Estate Market Data
Learn about the Redfin Data Center and how journalists, investors, real estate agents, buyers and sellers can use it to make informed decisions.
37 minutos
Enabling Data-Driven Customers with Integrated Business Intelligence
For software as a service companies, they are feeling the increasing pressure from their customers to deliver analytics to measure, monitor and improve performance. Build or buy? Learn about the benefits of partnering with a leader in visual analytics.
62 minutos
How Badgeville is Motivating and Engaging Customers and Employees with Embedded BI
Driving a culture of analytics is a hot topic. Badgeville joins us to discuss how they are embedding analytics with Tableau to motivate and engage.
59 minutos
Build vs. Buy - Embedding Visual Analytics with Homecare Homebase & Starlims
See how other organizations have addressed the build vs. buy question and get your own questions answered live by a panel of experts
65 minutos
Five Steps to Revenue: How to Create a Great Data Product
Data-product owners have a tough job. Learn about the 5 steps to drive new sales, increase user engagement, and create a new revenue stream for the company.