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Diseñar dashboards que informan e inspiran

Los dashboards bien planeados permiten a los líderes de negocios y a los trabajadores del conocimiento hacer y responder preguntas en tiempo real, pasar de la información a la acción y fomentar la verdadera innovación.

Con esta serie de seminarios web en cuatro partes, aprenderá a generar dashboards que convencen, informan e inspiran... además de aprender lo que no debe hacer.

Asista a uno o más de estos seminarios para mejorar sus habilidades de creación de dashboards.

Seminarios web a pedido

Título Duración
What is a dashboard, anyway?
What is a dashboard? And does it matter? Should a dashboard fit one screen? Should it provide instant insight? Should it be interactive? In this webinar, Andy Cotgreave will challenge the...
60 minutos
Dashboards for insight and impact
Citing real-life case studies from their book, The Big Book of Dashboards, three data visualization experts will share their proven best practices, based on over 30 years of hands-on experience,...
49 minutos
Design tricks for great dashboards
Successful dashboards require you to think like a designer. In this webinar, Andy Cotgreave will look at ideas and theories from the world of design, and show how you can apply them to your...
41 minutos
Eye Tracking: What it teaches us about dashboard design
Join Tableau User Researcher, Amy Alberts, and Data Visualization Expert, Andy Cotgreave, as they discuss how certain design elements affect where people look on dashboards.
60 minutos
Dead-end dashboards and how to avoid them
Learn how to evolve your business intelligence investments beyond dead-end dashboards and towards data-informed decisions.
54 minutos
Making charts and dashboards for meetings
You know the feeling. You’re in a meeting and the slides are terrible. Attend this webinar and learn how to design charts and dashboards for the big screen that make people lean in, not out.
62 minutos