7 Essential Finance Dashboard Strategies

Powerful finance dashboards can provide public sector organizations with critical insights that are fundamental to decision making. And with increased emphasis and standards being implemented for transparency in government and educational institutions, the right dashboards will give your teams the ability to see and understand their data in ways that aren’t possible with static reports.

Read this white paper to learn how to create trustworthy and easy-to-use dashboards that people across your organization can use to support data-driven decisions, foster collaboration, and achieve your mission objectives.

Learn these essential strategies, developed and road-tested by private sector finance departments with data-first mindsets - including Tableau’s own finance team:

  • Share cross tabs if and when you must, then phase them out
  • Enable drill-down hierarchies from parent accounts and cost centers
  • Bring together financial planning data and actuals into one view
  • Visualize the difference between budgets, actuals, and forecasts
  • Dig into the details of your data
  • Share securely and set subscriptions and data-driven alerts
  • Develop a style guide that brands your content and creates trust

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