Introduction to Visual Analytics with Tableau

Over 50 percent of your brain is dedicated to vision, decoding, and processing visual information. You are essentially hardwired for identifying visual patterns and outliers, fast. When you’re scanning a page of text or data, not so much. Cue modern visual analytics. Visual analytics allows you to consume your data in the optimal way for your brain, leading to faster and more powerful insights.

With Tableau, you connect to the most current version of the data you need, instantaneously. No more waiting on your data. It’s at your fingertips, allowing you to solve problems and identify opportunities to drive real business value.

At Tableau, we are in the business of helping people and organizations see and understand their data. Watch this 30-minute webinar and you’ll walk away understanding:

  • Explore the scientific underpinnings of what enables people to understand data quickly and effectively
  • How you can get more value out of your data by analyzing it visually, and have fun doing so
  • Why it’s important for you (and those you work with) to be able to trust your data, access it instantaneously and know it’s up-to-date


Über den Referenten


Chris Beck

Technical Sales Consultant, Tableau Software

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