Govern Your Data and Empower Insights with Keyrus and Tableau in Wealth Management

Financial Services firms need a data governance framework to ensure confidence in the data analysts use to make investment decisions, especially decisions that are predictive in nature. A modern analytics platform grants the ability for these firms to more comfortably design and define their governance processes, which include people, policies, and procedures.

The Data Management add-on enables you to not only prepare and enhance your data, but to manage data quality, understand data lineage, enable metadata, and schedule workflow refreshes. This enhanced and governed model empowers predictive capability, which is now made easier with Tableau's integration with Einstein Discovery.

This webcast will teach you how Tableau Data Management + Einstein Discovery can help you:

- Reduce the spread of ad-hoc data sources and analytics content through governance processes, increasing data quality across the firm
- Manage and curate metadata and enable users to add metadata throughout the process, even in Prep flows
- Create custom roles and publish them to be utilized by users and in other flows
- Seamlessly build predictions using Einstein Discovery

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