Managing Data with Confidence

The key to using data to drive business value? Delivering the right data to the right people. Join us for this live webinar as we explore how to define data governance processes, roles, and responsibilities–so that everyone can ultimately reap the benefits of trusted, governed data. Learn how to curate, deliver, and manage data within the platform; view sample workflows; and explore all things Tableau: published data sources, subscriptions, data-driven alerts, Tableau Catalog, and more.

Join us as we discuss how Tableau empowers organizations to:

  • Centrally manage and monitor data usage, status, and individual actions to match business users’ evolving needs
  • Connect data sources and extract your data to perform queries with just one click
  • Help your users create data consistency and reliability with Data Server
  • Design flexible workflows with specific roles in mind

Über den Referenten


Margot Tejera

Associate Tableau & TCRM Solutions Engineer, Tableau

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