Create an interactive resume in Tableau

Data analytics skills can give students an edge when applying for internships and full-time jobs. Companies are actively looking for candidates with data skills - specifically those who know how to work with Tableau, which was listed as the third fastest growing skill in demand by employers. While listing Tableau as a skill on a resume can help students stand out, why not showcase their skills by creating a visual and interactive resume in Tableau?

Join us to find inspiration to help students create their own unique resume. Offer this exercise as an opportunity for extra credit, or as an additional assignment in your course.

We’ll cover:

  • How to structure your data
  • How to highlight you work experience and skills
  • Share your resume with others

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Über den Referenten


Madeleine Corneli

Product leader

Madeleine was a product leader at Tableau from 2015-2023, and a senior product manager on Tableau's technology partners team. She built joint solutions that enabled customers to take advantage of Tableau and its many partner relationships. Outside of work, Madeleine can be found in the mountains, at a local brewery, or biking around Bainbridge island.

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