Beyond the Basics with Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep has quickly become one of the most powerful components of the Tableau platform, giving users the ability to become data modellers and data scientists through its sophisticated yet easy-to-use interface, where they use intuitive transformations to address common data complexity and structural issues their businesses are facing.

This fast-paced session will cover multiple real world examples, leveraging features such as custom data roles, ranking, LOD calculations, scripting, incremental refresh, database writeback and automation, just to name a few. We demonstrate that Tableau Prep goes beyond a basic data preparation tool with the capability to handle almost any enterprise data strategy when used with the Tableau platform.

Whether you have been using Tableau Prep for some time, are a brand new user or just exploring data preparation options, this session is for you.

Über den Referenten


Ben Tzannes

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Ben is a Solution Engineer in the ANZ Team. In his prior work experience and education he has developed predictive models and designed data warehouses that has honed his expertise on data modelling and building data preparation flows. Before his career in all things data took shape, you could find him whipping up cocktails in Canberra and belting out ballads at the local karaoke bar… actually he still does that last part.

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