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Welcome to your one stop shop for all things Tableau and Comcast related. Read on to get more information about our partnership, including who to contact if you have questions internally or at Tableau, information on how to access Server, best practices and helpful resources, internal Comcast events or local events that are coming up, relevant webinars, and telecommunications and media specific resources.

Verizon Gains Critical Insights with Self-Service Analytics

Verizon Wireless was challenged to make good use of its extremely large datasets. Generating reports in Excel was time consuming and sharing was difficult. As a result, analyzing the data became secondary. Almost instantly, reports that had taken 28 hours to process now took 10 minutes.

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Genesys: Gaining valuable insights at the click of a mouse

More than 100 million customer interactions each day are facilitated through Genesys customer experience and contact center solutions. With more than 40 worldwide offices and more than 3,500 customers in 80 countries, Genesys works to deliver seamless, tailored customer experiences across multiple channels. In 2010, Genesys planted the seeds for a company-wide data revolution: the Genesys business intelligence (BI) team was established. The opportunity to impact the business was huge.

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Tableau Communications and Media Resources

With Tableau you will be able to discover key viewer and user insights quickly across all your data, so you can thrive in the always-on communications and media landscape. Immediately evaluate the success of campaigns, make programming decisions that deliver results, and find out who loves your content and why. With Tableau, you’re always interacting with the latest numbers so you can make more relevant decisions and build your brand in real-time.

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Analytics for Everyone

Tableau Starter Kits

Learn how to create visualizations and ask questions of your data using Tableau Desktop. You’ll learn how to use software, educate yourself on authoring best practices, and be inspired by the great work of others.

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Embedded Analytics

This webinar series will tackle all of the big questions you are asking yourself – what visual analytics features do my customers want? How do I make the most of my development resources? Do I build or buy? How do I get to market quickly with a partner I can count on?

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Tableau Conference 2018

Do more with your data at Tableau Conference! Learn faster, get inspired, and grow your network October 22-25 in New Orleans.

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