5 Charts Every Retailer Should Be Looking At

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Retailers are constantly using data to make critical decisions every day. But is the information being presented in the most effective format? Are there hidden sources of data retailers could be using, or even new ways of analyzing existing sources?

This whitepaper walks through five charts that every data-driven retailer should have on their radar, including:

  • Category Comparison
  • Neighborhood Demographics
  • Planogram
  • Shrinkage Analysis

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5 Charts Every Retailer Should Be Looking At

1. Category Small Multiple Chart

  • Small Multiples help you quickly compare many items at a glance.
  • Why it works: Many discrete things listed and easily compare vertically, horizontally, and even using additional metrics.

2. Neighborhood Demographics Map

  • Mapping the demographics surrounding your retail locations reveals the lay of the land.
  • Why it works: Clear picture of your local and immediate market.
  • See how physical distance to your location is or isn't a barrier to your location.
  • Spot potential competitor markets.

3. Shelf Planogram

  • Planograms let you understand the effectiveness of product placement and inventory.
  • Why it works: Know when items are popular, faster.
  • Learn your customer's preferences.
  • See which items are historically best sellers vs. chronically taking up space.

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