Pfizer deploys Tableau to 25,000 employees to increase collaboration and uncover insights

Debbie Reynolds, VP of Data and Analytic Innovation at Pfizer, joined Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky on stage at Tableau Conference.

Pfizer leverages Tableau to help share hidden insights and encourage collaboration across multiple teams while improving internal analytics capabilities. As early adopters, Pfizer’s Data and Analytic Innovation team embraced Tableau and helped to support its expansion across 25,000 people worldwide. This has brought data and decision makers together to drive impact—including the development of models to improve patient identification and diagnosis and to identify ways to have faster, better clinical trials that result in break-through advancements against diseases.

Watch Debbie's keynote address to learn more about how Pfizer is using Tableau to uncover insights that make a difference.

We were early adopters of Tableau with version 4.0. Today we have three servers globally and 67 active instances, supporting 25,000 people globally. Tableau is an integral part of how we operate.