Tableau Cinema Tour | Free Trial Starter Kit

Transform your data in five steps

Follow these five simple steps to transform your data into new insights in minutes with Tableau Desktop—it's that easy!

1. Try Tableau for Free

Your first step is to download your free 14-day trial of Tableau Desktop (full version) which will install in just a few minutes.

Try Tableau for Free

2. Data

If you want clean data that's ready to analyse, you can download the public data sets. But we recommend using your own business data—Tableau can connect to over 60 data sources including Excel and SQL.

Download public data sets

3. Connect to your Data

It's now time to connect your data to Tableau. Watch this short video to learn how you can connect in just a few minutes.

Learn how to connect your data

4. Get Started with Visual Analytics

You're now ready to visually analyse your data to unlock new insights. Watch these short videos to begin your analysis—we recommend watching—Getting Started with Visual Analytics, Drill Downs and Hierarchies, Sorting, Grouping, Ways to Filter, Parameters, and Formatting.

Learn how to get started with visual analytics

5. Build a Dashboard

Once you've found the insights you need, it's time to build a dashboard. Watch this short video to learn how to build a dashboard so you can display multiple visualisations that interact together.

Learn how to build a dashboard