Inspari Speeds Growth through Tableau Partnership

Inspari’s more than 50 business intelligence specialists offer focused, effective consulting services to customers across many industries. Inspari has offices located north of Copenhagen and in Aarhus, Denmark.

In this video, Inspari's Sales and Marketing Director, Jens Jacob Aarup, and Managing Director, Thomas Black-Petersen, discuss how the consultancy is partnering with Tableau to better meet customer needs and to grow the business.

Tableau: How has the partnership with Tableau impacted Inspari?
Jens Jacob Aarup, Sales and Marketing Director: Our Tableau business is doing great. I think it's because with Tableau you really have a product that the users like. They like to use it. Actually I'll say they love to use Tableau. And I think that's one of the reasons why our Tableau business is doing so well.

Thomas Petersen-Black, Managing Director: We work with Tableau almost on a daily basis, and we have a very good dialogue with them, both from the salespeople and for myself. We share information, we share opportunities, and we help each other.

Tableau has had a very good impact on our business; because our growth... it is in Denmark by far the fastest growing BI company.

Tableau: That’s great to hear! Have you gotten any specific feedback from your customers about Tableau?
Jens Jacob: What our customers are saying to us right now is "thank you for delivering such a great product, this is really, really easy to use." They're saying that this is like doing Excel, but on speed.
Thomas: For most of our clients Tableau has been something new. They had never seen anything like it before. It's like having a very old mobile phone that no one can use and then getting something that is very easy to use that we can all do.

Tableau is just so easy to work with and our clients sometimes don't even believe us until they get their hands on and they can work with it themselves.

Tableau: How did Tableau come to your attention?
Thomas: It was actually one of my colleagues who sent me a link and said "check this out." And I did check it out and it took me about 10 minutes to download it, try it, and built something I normally would have spent hours in building. So that was an easy way to get encouraged.

Tableau: What new opportunities are you excited about?
Thomas: We can see that big data is coming and it's all around us. We have devices that are generating big data. And now we need to leverage that.

The next big thing we are doing with Tableau is we will include much more data from what we traditionally have done with business intelligence solutions. So we're including Google data, Twitter data, Facebook data, and we're including sensor data that we just monitor and collect using Hadoop.

Tableau: What other changes are you seeing?
Thomas: People are changing the way they're using analytics. It used to be reports and long lists and spreadsheets that were specified-“Look exactly like this”-and you would do the same report for years. But now it changed and we see that ideas come up very fast.

Tableau: Why do you think people respond to the idea of using visual analytics to help them understand their data?
Jens Jacob: Dashboarding and the visual analytics, that's like the filter between the users that are supposed to change something in the business and the data and the value that's within it. So that's a key element to actually achieving something with your BI tool.

Most of the time when we show business users—and our customers—visual analytics, the first thing they say is “Wow!” Because they dreamt of doing stuff like this; and now they're actually able to do it with data discovery tools— and especially with Tableau.