PT Eigerindo Multi Produk Industri

Eigerindo Unifies Data to Predict and Drive Business Outcomes

Business leaders have more granular insights to drive performance and profitability

Reduced errors and discrepancies with Tableau providing a single, accurate source of truth

More effective distribution of inventory resulting from predictive analytics

Founded in 1979, Eigerindo is one of the largest apparel, footwear, and accessories companies in Indonesia. The company operates more than 250 stores and also sells direct to consumers online. 

Like all retailers, Eigerindo needs data to manage its end-to-end operations—from understanding customer preferences to managing inventory and ensuring the right products are in each store. And in a fast moving industry, this data needs to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. That’s why Eigerindo has been on a journey to transform reporting and analytics. The transformation has been championed by the company’s top leadership and driven in partnership with Metrodata Group who has helped to deploy Tableau. Results to date include reduced time to insight and more accurate data to inform decision making.

Data is a very important asset in today's digital era. Good business decisions require accurate and reliable data. Eigerindo believes that by leveraging data, we can develop better and innovate according to market trends. Tableau helps us to visualize KPI information and performance of the company and each division. And also helps decision makers make decisions based on data.

Centralizing data for faster, easier analytics

Eigerindo’s leaders use a wealth of data points to understand and manage the company’s performance. These include online and in-store transactions, HR and finance metrics, and data collected via the company’s loyalty program.

In the past, this data was held in silos and reported on in different formats, making it difficult to get a consolidated view of performance. In addition, manual reporting processes meant leaders often waited three days for information like daily sales figures.

With support from the board of directors, Eigerindo’s head of ICT approached Metrodata Group for a solution and agreed to a proof of concept (POC).

To start, Metrodata Group consolidated data by connecting multiple systems to Google BigQuery. These include Eigerindo’s ERP, POS, ecommerce, loyalty system, and planning system platform. Tableau was then layered on top to make it faster and easier for the data to be explored.


Building data maturity with more granular insights and predictive analytics

Eigerindo now has 15 dashboards in Tableau Cloud that track a range of key performance indicators (KPIs). These dashboards are automatically refreshed twice a day, providing leaders with more current data to make decisions. The data is more accurate as well with no more manual handling or human calculation.

One dashboard tracks sales and margin which can be visualized by product group, individual item, and store. By slicing and dicing the data in this way, the company can better understand which products sell best in each store. They can also identify opportunities to improve profitability.

Another key dashboard helps the company to assess effectiveness of discounts and promotions and determine whether or not increasing marketing spend will increase sales.

On top of these dashboards, Metrodata Group has delivered a predictive model called Product Rolling Recommendation to help Eigerindo’s business users to roll or move dead stock or slow moving items to other stores where there’s a high probability for it to be sold. The model leverages data like demographics, inventory, and sales history to recommend how products are rolled or moved between stores to keep inventory healthy. Tableau provides a means for users to interact with this model and view the recommendations.

Tableau has been rolled out to senior leaders first, including Eigerindo’s board of directors and the head of departments like finance, retail, and procurement. The majority use Tableau to view data while a small number have been equipped to create and explore dashboards on their own.

Metrodata Group has supported the adoption of Tableau by training key champions. These champions have then helped to train others, resulting in a total of 40 users onboarded.

Eigerindo now has plans to build out more dashboards and predictive models and ultimately extend adoption to other areas of the business.



Metrodata Indonesia

PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk is Indonesia’s leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company, and  has been maintaining strategic alliances with world-class information technology companies for more than 45 years. Well-known for its comprehensive portfolio of IT hardware and software distribution, the Company has three main business lines, namely: the Distribution Business Unit that handles distribution to dealers, ICT solutions companies, and e-commerce; the Solution Business Unit that provides ICT total solutions from design, implementation, IT Managed Services, to consultation and training; and the Consulting Business Unit that offers innovative solutions for business transformation.