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Databricks and Tableau: Gain 3 Benefits with Delta Sharing

Databricks and Tableau: Gain 3 Benefits with Delta Sharing

This session was recorded at Data and AI Summit 2021.

Tableau is joining forces with Databricks and the Delta Lake open source community to announce Delta Sharing and the new open Delta Sharing protocol for secure data sharing. For Tableau customers, Delta Sharing simplifies and enriches data, while supporting the development of a data culture. Watch this session to see a demo of Tableau on Delta Sharing. Tableau customers can choose between 2 workflows for connection. The first workflow is called “Direct Connect,” which leverages a Tableau WDC connector. The second workflow involves using a hybrid approach for querying live on the Delta Sharing protocol and using Tableau Hyper in-memory data engine for fast data ingestion and analytical query processing.

About the speakers


Razi Sharir

VP Product Management and Data, Tableau

Razi Sharir joined Tableau as the VP of Product Management in 2020. Prior to Tableau, he was the VP of PM at Informatica, leading Data Management on-prem and cloud. Prior to Informatica, Razi was the VP of Products and Marketing at Robin, developing world first hyper converged Kubernetes decoupled storage and compute platform. Prior experiences include Xeround DBaaS (at the time the most popular service second to AWS), developing and running BMC Innovation Lab and early on at Microsoft.

Razi holds a Masters in Business (MBA/marketing) and a Masters in Philosophy.


Blair Hutchinson

Product Manager

Blair supports Tableau's Technology Partners with bilateral product integrations. Before joining the dev org at Tableau, he spent three on the other side of the house supporting customers in the Pacific Northwest as a Product Consultant.

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