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Ask Data: Setting users up for success from data curation to scaling

The easiest way to ask questions of your data

We believe that every person in every company can make an impact with data. We've made a huge advancement to make this possible with Ask Data, an entirely new natural language capability in Tableau that opens up data analysis across your organization.

Join us for a deep dive webinar on Ask Data, Tableau’s new feature that allows you to type a question and get an answer in the form of a visualization. This is for technical professionals interested in recommendations and demos to set your organization up for success. In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Best practices for data curation
  • Managing data sources at scale
  • How Ask Data works with your existing governance rules
  • The role of IT in facilitating the successful implementation and enablement of Ask Data

You can also watch the Prep Conductor webinar from our 2019.1 Technical Deep Dive

About the speaker


Ryan Atallah

Software Engineer, Tableau

Ryan is focused on making data more accessible to business users through natural language; by building software that uses context awareness and natural language processing to intelligently interpret and answer English language queries, making finding and understanding enterprise data as easy as search.

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