Hope 6 Education Day Was As Good For You As It Was For Us

Thanks so much for helping us celebrate 6 Education Day and the launch of Tableau 6.0. This was our first time doing something like this - and we hope it was as much fun and useful for you as it was for us. We appreciate all of the great questions, feedback and wordplay.

The response has been amazing:

  • More than 50 people asked us questions at Joyof6@tableau.com.
  • More than 140 tweets featured our 6 Education Day hashtags (#joyof6, #joyofsix), 100 featured #tableau, and 120 were directed to our official Twitter account, @tableau.
  • All in all, we had nearly 300 tweets in the last 24 hours! (Yes, I will viz all of those numbers soon.)
  • Best of all, more than 20 of you are getting t-shirts.
    It’s still not too late if you want a free t-shirt. Either tweet (include #joyof6) or add a comment to this blog post about your discovery of the joy of 6 by 3pm Eastern Thursday. The best comments will get a t-shirt.

We’ve been thrilled to receive so much love at our Twitter handle and via email. Here are just a few of our Twitter favorites:

Tableau 6: Finally we can make this relationship public #joyof6less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Tableau 6: Let’s keep this (line graph) discrete #joyof6less than a minute ago via web

Heading home! Feeling 6y! I hope the wife doesn't mind me spending time with someone new.... #joyof6less than a minute ago via web

If you need to play with your data then #Tableau 6 is the best. Not just for number crunchers! #joyof6less than a minute ago via web

And here’s some e-mail love we’ll forever hold dear to our hearts:

  • Jim: “Getting a shirt doesn’t quite fill the hole in my life for missing the Seattle Users Conference, but it’s moving in the right direction!”
  • Kelly: “I am a huge fan of Tableau and as much as I love your software, one of my co-workers is probably your biggest fan. Using Tableau Software, he has completely revamped the way that we experience data.”
  • Jerry: “I've been following the beta, and I've gotta say, Tableau 6 is awesome. Now that I've seen the release, I'm even more impressed. The new data engine, parameters, and table calculations are fantastic.”

We’ve had a great time answering your questions today, but like so many good things, this too must end. If you have any more questions about 6 techniques, or want to share more feedback, please contact our Customer Support team.

If you’re still haven’t tried 6, check out the free trial.

And, again, thanks for the support. We found great joy in hearing about your joy of 6.

Here’s to a long and happy 6 life for all of you!