8 Tips for Adding Analytics to Your Marketing Mix

Amy Schneider, Senior Marketing Manager - Tableau Software,

Successfully plan for, capture, and quickly get answers from your data using these 8 easy tips.

Marketing departments are more accountable than ever for metrics, ROI, and anything to help justify spending. Many of us flounder in a desperate search for quick and easy ways to get out of the data rut. This paper will walk you through eight easy to implement tips to get you out of that data rut.

These tips will help you:

  • identify what questions you are looking to answer
  • prioritize metrics and evaluate the needs of both marketing and external teams
  • incorporate better tracking for better analytics
  • understand how using visualization can help you gain faster insights
  • turn those actions into insights

Download this step-by-step whitepaper and start making improvements to help kick-start your analytics efforts.

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Amy Schneider, Senior Marketing Manager - Tableau Software