Visualize to Monetize: How using data analytics externally can open new opportunities

Pete Chizlett, RVP Embedded Analytics EMEA
Rob Austin, Director of Business Intelligence
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The post-covid business landscape will see the ‘survival of the data fittest’ with those that win adopting both a data transformation and harnessing the monetisation of that data.

All organizations, large or small, have data and the potential to leverage this data to build better experiences for customers, partners and vendors is waiting to be untapped. There’s an opportunity for businesses to monetise data but what could that look like and what’s the value?

Visualize to Monetize e-book explores this.

Download the e-book in which Pete Chizlett, RVP Embedded Analytics EMEA, share his insights into:

  • What Data Monetization is, why companies are choosing it, and the value it brings with examples of Tableau customers.
  • How to use data as a ‘Competitive Differentiator’ in the market.
  • The analytics capabilities in the Tableau platform which allows users to create useful dashboards and share them externally.
  • How Tivian, a Tableau customer and leader in experience intelligence management, uses Tableau in their product offering to help service their customers with data analytics.

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About the authors

Pete Chizlett

Pete Chizlett

RVP Embedded Analytics EMEA

Pete Chizlett has had various roles in the technology sector for more than 25 years. Embarking on his career at Hewlett-Packard he quickly moved from internal to field sales roles before starting with the Microsoft Services division in 2008. Chizlett started leading teams at Microsoft in 2012 where he focused on Business Application sales and went on to lead teams in both Enterprise and Commercial segments. In April 2019 he joined Tableau to lead sales teams covering Northern EMEA before leading the Embedded Analytics and OEM Solutions Business. He lives in Binfield with his wife and two children.


Rob Austin

Director of Business Intelligence

Rob Austin is the Business Intelligence Director at Tivian. He has over 12 years of experience in data warehousing and visualization and was formerly a business owner and customer of Tableau before becoming a BI professional.
Rob has sat on both sides of the desk which allows him to balance companies’ BI requirements with what is possible using best practice. His passion for data and business lead him to consult in BI working for, Tableau Gold Partner, InterWorks. He has worked within most verticals throughout his consulting career from Finance & Marketing to Manufacturing. Now working in the Experience Data space, Rob advocates combining operational and sales data with feedback data to provide a better overall picture for each company. This can be enhanced using Text Analytics and AI to gain insights never before seen within traditional Business Intelligence.