Hackathon: Help Turn Daunting Data Sets into Accessible Stories!

Open data is full of stories that empower the general public, spark conversations, and drive change. But not everyone is data-literate. And in order for them to understand these stories, the data first needs to be translated into an approachable format.

Over the next few days, we've asked you to donate your time and skills to hack open data and collaboratively visualizing the stories within it.

No need for colocation—this hackathon is digital!

February 17-23. Registration is now closed.

Publish final vizzes to Tableau Public and tweet a link to it using #HackingOpenData and your team hashtag.

Your Tableau Public Ambassador will take questions, offer advice, and cheer you on! You can also use your team hashtags to chat with other duos. Check out the recommended data sets here.