Whitepaper - BARC Score Data Discovery

BARC SCORE Data Discovery takes a close look at Data Preparation, Visual Analysis, and Guided Advanced Analytics software for Business Analysts

The market for software supporting data discovery, while already a significant portion of the BI market, is still emerging. Demand for tools allowing business users to efficiently analyze and explore data is continually increasing, leading to a fast-growing market. Vendors are reacting by trying to address the needs of the market. They are doing this by striving to improve the flexibility and ease of use of their suites, as well as by building a sound platform around isolated tools to provide enterprise readiness.

This report analyzes the strengths and challenges of the leading vendors that offer sophisticated and integrated data discovery features. With all the buzz around data discovery, the perception of the term has become inconsistent. To allow for a fair comparison of vendors and tools, BARC applies its own distinct definition of data discovery:

Data discovery is the business user driven and iterative process of discovering patterns and outliers in data.

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