Get More for Your Money: Get More Insight From SAP

David White, Senior Research Analyst, The Aberdeen Group
Nick Castellina, Analyst, The Aberdeen Group

In this white paper, Aberdeen Senior Analyst David White for Business Intelligence and ERP Analyst Nick Castellina team up to look at the value customers can get from applying Business Intelligence to ERP data from SAP.

Aberdeen writes: "Expansive ERP systems, such as SAP, often contain a wealth of data that managers need to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, many organizations have difficulty actually making use of the data."

Aberdeen uses survey data from best-in-class companies and other companies to identify best practices such as providing a self-service business intelligence environment including interactive dashboards and visual data discovery. They also discuss how leveraging BI with ERP can lead to a more accountable, performance-driven culture.

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About the authors


David White

Senior Research Analyst, The Aberdeen Group

David White is a Senior Analyst in the business intelligence research practice. Choosing the right product or solution is important, but many other factors are also crucial for a successful BI project. With this is mind, David uses his 20 years of experience with many industries to research the art and science of getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time. His research, based on data collected from technology users, demonstrates how analytics can be used to help tackle business problems. The research also provides best practices that all companies can use to maximize the value of their investments in integration, data warehousing, and business intelligence. In addition, David’s in-depth experience and research data is used by software vendors to help shape and direct market strategy.

Nick Castellina

Analyst, The Aberdeen Group