Embedded Data Analytics

“Embedded Data is data and analytics integrated seamlessly with the content or service being delivered to the end user. It’s data where they want it, on whatever device they want it, be it web page, software, or mobile. It’s the ability to access data analytics without leaving the experience."

In this new Age of Product, product leaders are tasked daily with driving a product towards success. In order to carry through a product strategy, though, there is no shortage of data needed to guide the decision-making process. Since the advent of digital product, there have been many ways for companies to collect and observe data, but spreadsheets can only go so far. One application, though, is truly changing the data game: Tableau Embedded Data Analytics.

No matter the stage of the product life cycle, data is an integral part of product strategy, execution, and continued operations. Collecting that data is the first hurdle and once gathered, every company will use their data differently. However, many companies don’t even realize the extent of the benefits inherent within their data. That means missed opportunities, which translates into missed revenue. That’s where this Ebook comes in.

As technology continues to expand, so do the ways in which data can be used. In a recent webinar series packed with powerhouse names like ICIS and Grindrod, Tableau presents new use cases for how product leaders can gain competitive advantage using Embedded Data Analytics. In one example, South African logistics giant, Grindrod, found that using Tableau “consolidated and cemented the solution as a product”, while ICIS, a global source of independent commodity intelligence, shares how Embedded Data Analytics opens the door for new ways to monetise that data.

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