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Tableau Tea Talks Episode 3: Analytics in Manufacturing

With the volumes of data produced, Manufacturing companies always demanded effective and innovative forms of information processing that enables enhanced insight, decision making, and process automation. Especially with the recent business changes, there’s an increased requirement to have an end-to-end 360-degree view of your business, right from purchase, to inventory management to dealer and purchase analysis. It’s also more important than ever to scale this across your organization.

Bring a cup of tea and join us for this webinar as Tableau team and industry experts walk you through some of our most relevant and newest features and how other customers are dealing with these data questions.


    Introduction and leveraging data during uncertain times
    An introduction of the episode series, and how data can help drive navigate the new business environment and resources available for you.
    New Tableau features that you can leverage on
    A walk-through of some great features that have recently been released and that are other manufacturing customers are leveraging on since the start of 2019 like Metrics, Ask Data, Explain Data, Viz Animations, SAP Connector Improvements and much more!
    A conversation with a Tableau Expert in Manufacturing Analytics
    We’ll be asking questions from our resident Tableau Manufacturing Expert on the kind of use-cases he’s seen Tableau being used for in this space and what he believes the potential for it is.
    A conversation with one of our customers
    We’ll be checking in with one of our Customer Rockstars, Apeksha Singh, Senior Sales Information Manager, Dabur India on how they’ve been using Tableau in their organizations and also get a sense of how they’ve been coping with the new workplace normal.
    Before this session, we encourage you to get more acquainted with Tableau by watching a short Tableau demo and download a Tableau Trial

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