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Native predictive analytics for increased customer satisfaction and retention

Over 90% of brands are pursuing deeper customer relationships and aiming to grow their market share. In this webinar, learn how leading financial services institutions are using their Salesforce investment to attract, grow, and retain customers with embedded actions - right where employees work and at the point of interaction with customers. Join Susan Emerson, SVP of Analytics; Jordan Patterson, AI/ML Specialist; and Stephanie Shaw, Tableau CRM Solution Engineer to see an overview of how the practical application of predictive analytics directly within your Salesforce environment can improve your customer's experience.

What you'll learn:

  • Convert your best leads based on a propensity to buy profile
  • Increase your lending portfolio with white space analysis
  • Drive next-level customer care and reduce attrition
  • Anticipate asks for member services based on the customer journey

About the speakers


Ava Kavelle

Product Marketing Manager, Tableau
Jordan Patterson headshot

Jordan Patterson

AI Analytics Specialist, Salesforce

Stephanie Shaw

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau CRM
Susan Emerson

Susan Emerson

SVP, Product, Tableau CRM

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