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Intelligent Logistics Showcase

Transportation and Logistics is not just another vertical industry, it is horizontal. It’s the mesh which binds countless industries together with their partners, suppliers, and of course their customers.

Join us to hear how, across industries, we can achieve a vision of digital visibility throughout the entire supply chain, and get that visibility in real time. Companies are digitizing everything from schedules and rates, to quotes, bookings, billings, claims, even track and trace, and visualizing that data to make smarter business decisions.

During this showcase you will hear how PepsiCo and CSX are finding the power in their data to fuel a different, better future for transportation and logistics. They’ll demonstrate how they are visualizing their businesses’ past and leveraging data from a vast number of sources to inform future decisions and achieve resiliency. You’ll also hear from the Executive Director of MIT’s Supply Chain Management Masters Program on how MIT is training the next generation of leaders in Transportation and Logistics to visualize data in Tableau.



Introduction & Welcome: David Goldberg, Tableau Director of Customer Solutions

Showcase Kickoff: MIT's research on Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Industry Spotlight: PepsiCo Fleet Technology Strategy - Bob Zimmer, Senior Manager

Industry Spotlight: CSX & Advanced Analytics - Erin Leonard, Technical Director

The Future of Supply Chain: David sits down with three students from Dr. Saenz Supply Chain Management Blended Masters Program and they share a visualization they each created to tell the story of moving HIV/AIDS testing and treatment around the world.



About the speakers

Dr. Maria Jesus Saenz

Dr. Maria Jesus Saenz

Executive Director of the MIT Supply Chain Management Blended Masters Program

Dr. Maria Jesus Saenz is the Director of the research area on Digital Supply Chain Transformation at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, as Research Scientist. The primary research examines new collaborative paradigms that arise while implementing different new digital technologies in supply chains. Our research domains are multidimensional collaboration, digital supply chain capabilities and AI in supply chains. We apply quantitative research methodologies in order to assess how data-driven ecosystems create value.

Dr. Saenz also serves as the Executive Director of the MIT Supply Chain Management Blended Masters Program, an elite MIT degree that allows learners to combine the MITx MicroMasters credential with one+ semester at MIT.

Dr. Saenz teaches various courses at Master, PhD and Executive Education level on Digital Transformation, Supply Chain Management, Collaboration, Risks, Resilience and Project Management. Regarding her education, Dr. Saenz is certified in Participant Centered Learning by Harvard Business School. She received Cum Laude and the Outstanding Doctoral Award for her PhD in Manufacturing and Design Engineering from the University of Zaragoza, where she previously obtained her M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, while she also studied Mathematics Sciences for several years. In 2003, she received her tenure as Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Zaragoza. In 2004, she joined the newly-formed research institute MIT Zaragoza Logistics Center as Professor, and she has also served the Center as its Executive Director. She was also the Director of the Spanish Center of Excellence in Logistics. Dr. Saenz has also led various international research projects for the European Commission, as well as for companies on Supply Chain Management innovation, such as P&G, Carrefour, Clariant, Dell, DHL, Leroy Merlin or Caterpillar. She is co-author of more than 80 publications, including books and articles in leading international Journals. Her knowledge transfer work has received 15 awards and her research was cited in the media including MIT Sloan Management Review, Forbes, Financial Times Press or Supply Chain Management Review. She also regularly interacts with business leaders in more than 15 countries.

Bob Zimmer, PepsiCo

Bob Zimmer

Supply Chain Fleet Technology Senior Manager, PepsiCo

Bob Zimmer brings 34 Years of Fleet Experience. Bob’s current role is Supply Chain Fleet Technology Senior Manager; he leads Fleet technology strategy for PepsiCo Beverages and Foods North America, including Reporting, Data Analytics, Marshalling and Presentation, Enterprise Asset Management, Technician Diagnostics, Fleet mobile applications and Global Fleet Telematics.

He is a graduate of Lincoln Technical College and Triton College and holds a degree of Applied Science in Automotive Technology. Bob holds six current A.S.E. Master Certifications. His name can be found in the Automotive Hall of Fame Library, Dearborn, MI as one of 1800 A.S.E. World Class Technicians worldwide.

Erin Leonard, Technical Director - Advanced Analytics, CSX Technology

Erin Leonard

Technical Director - Advanced Analytics, Enterprise Services

Erin Leonard has been in the freight-rail industry since 2012 serving across multiple business units including Technology, Customer Operations, Finance, Performance Measures, Merger and Acquisitions, and Process Improvement. Erin's Advanced Analytics team is comprised of CSX’s data warehouse, data engineers, data scientists, and operations research scientists to provide analytical insights across the organization.

While being passionate in all things data, she is also a boat-lover, newbie golfer, and a mother to a bright and silly five year old girl.

David Goldberg, Director, Solutions Engineering at Tableau

David Goldberg

Director, Customer Solutions

David Goldberg leads Tableau’s Travel, Transportation and Hospitably Technical Sales team in the Americas developing innovative approaches to harnessing data to help his customers on their transformation journeys. He started his career over 20 years ago as a mainframe security analyst and worked his way through the Y2K crisis and the dot-com boom and bust. Through his time at Xerox, Computer Associates, HP, Tableau and now Salesforce, his focus has always been on transformation through technology which continues to be his passion.

Currently David lives outside of Boston where he enjoys boating and bike rides. You can regularly find him tending and talking to his flock of hand raised chickens. His passion for life, humor and simplification is what drives him. If you ask him, David will tell you he’s just hitting his stride and surfing the wave of data proliferation.

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