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Integrate and Differentiate with Embedded Analytics

What if you could increase your product’s engagement and improve customer satisfaction by integrating rich content, data, and analytics directly into your product? With Embedded Analytics, put Tableau’s interactive analytical capabilities front and center in your products by seamlessly customizing and integrating powerful analytics directly into your applications, products, and web portals.

Join Tableau and partner InterWorks for this interactive session as we discuss:

  • What is Embedded Analytics?
  • How does Embedded Analytics allow you to differentiate your product and discover new growth opportunities?
  • What is InterWorks Curator, and how does it allow you to integrate, customize, and showcase your data?

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Michael Hizny

Senior Solution Engineer

Michael Hizny is a Senior Solutions Engineer who has worked at Tableau for 5+ years. In that time he has worked with a variety of different customers across industries to make data driven decisions with Tableau. From moving to Tableau Cloud, to setting up Tableau Embedded Analytics, to figuring out why a percent of total in a visualization filtered to a top N rank doesn't add up to 100%, Michael has worked with and shared best practices on a variety of topics for his customers. He continues to help customers eat their daily vegTableaus as he supports customers in the Communications and Media space.

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