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How SEDC drives customer value through their data

Utilities have experienced an explosion of data at every stage of the business due to technological advancements in recent decades. Think, sensors, meter readers all across the grid. This access to data has opened up countless opportunities to drive data supported decisions, cut costs and deliver more value internally and for customers.

Southeastern Data Cooperative (SEDC) is doing just that, delivering business value to their 300 Electricity Cooperative customers through their rich data analysis. And they’re just scratching the surface. Watch this webinar so you don’t miss SEDC’s VP of Strategic projects share:

  • A look at the suite of detailed consumption modeling dashboards SEDC has created, powered by Tableau and Cloud Data Warehouse Snowflake, to serve their customers
  • How they have been able to identify which customers are driving peak consumption, and as a result, zero in on where to focus Customer Energy Management Programs
  • How and where they are saving money for themselves, their customers and their customers’ customers

About the speakers


Robert Basaraba

VP Strategic Projects, Southeastern Data Cooperative (SEDC)

Robert Basaraba is the VP of Strategic Projects for Southeastern Data Cooperative, (SEDC) in Atlanta, GA. SEDC provides core enterprise applications to 300 Electric Distribution Utilities in 42 states. Their recent development of dashboards through Tableau and Snowflake has driven untold savings for their members as well as set new standards in customer care. A 20 year veteran of SEDC, Robert oversees a Tableau Data Analytics Business Practice as well as a variety of Smart Home and Consumer Communication Strategies. His background in Information Systems includes working for one of the largest IBM business partners with a focus on Enterprise Resource Planning, Infrastructure, and Implementation Services.


Dan Murray

Director of Business Intelligence Services, InterWorks, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience and holding positions such as CFO,CIO, COO, VP Planning and VP of Operations at a global manufacturing company, Dan Murray gained a unique and diverse background for building data-driven solutions. As an early adopter of Tableau Software, Dan recognized that the job of creating data-driven organizations had just become much more attainable. His enthusiasm for this data revolution and Tableau led Dan to found the BI consulting practice at InterWorks in 2008, then becoming Tableau's first Gold Partner. Following the publication of his book, "Tableau Your Data!", Dan spoke to over 30 Tableau User Groups across North America and Europe. Along the way, companies like Facebook, Nike and Cisco invited Dan to share his excitement for Tableau's unique abilities. In his spare time Dan enjoys jazz music, wilderness treks and offering his opinion on solving any of the world's major challenges. The most insightful question he's ever heard was by one of his daughters: "Daddy, are there any mommy long-leggers?

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