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Achieve End to End Supply Chain Visibility and Agility through Augmented Analytics

In this webinar, we will review how discrete stages of the supply chain across life sciences and med devices benefit from being more data driven with augmented analytics like Einstein Discovery and Ask Data, paired with integrated collaboration tools like Slack. Through a real use case example, we will examine various stages of the supply chain to give you an end to end picture of how you can use data to make your operation more transparent and efficient. These stages include:

  • Raw materials procurement and assessing supplier risk with no code ML visibility through to patient delivery
  • Plant floor analytics and meeting OEE targets for Pharma & Medical Technology quality standards
  • Order fulfillment from trunk stock to distribution optimization
  • Device Maintenance & Recall Management key for the healthcare industry
  • Executive Optics to deliver timely, layered shop to top analytics

At the end of this session, we'll show you where you can access the dashboards we reviewed to download and put into practice for your organization.

About the speakers


Jess Lella

Solutions Engineer, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Tableau

Tyler May

Manager, Solution Engineering

Tyler May is the Manager for Tableau Life Science Solution Engineering. Tyler joined Tableau in 2018 and is passionate about helping customers get value and insight from their data. Prior to joining Tableau, Tyler led an analytics Center of Excellence at a large pharmaceutical where he evangelized and expanded a data culture across the organization.

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