Three Blind Men and an Elephant-The Power of Faceted Analytical Displays

Stephen Few, Perceptual Edge,

Learn to expand your analytical reach and comprehension by viewing data in dashboards.

Stephen Few, Principal of Perceptual Edge, reveals how dashboards make it easy to shift from one perspective to another while exploring and analyzing data, and pursuing every question that arises during the process.

Business people struggle every day to make sense of data, stumbling blindly, touching only small parts of the information, and coming away with a narrowed comprehension.

In this paper you'll learn how dashboards increase data comprehension through:

  • Greater volume
  • Broader dimensionality
  • Variable perspective

Don’t let your single view analysis hide the many meaningful relationships that exist in your data. Download this whitepaper and learn to utilize the benefits of dashboards.

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Stephen Few, Perceptual Edge