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Donated licenses for small non-profits

Through this initiative, small non-profits and NGOs anywhere in the world can request donations of Tableau Desktop. Now anyone in the organization can explore the data and spot trends, outliers, and even new opportunities.

This is a fully-functioning version of Tableau. It is the same product that tens of thousands of companies around the world rely on to improve their business. Use of Tableau Desktop through this program is not restricted to any business unit or function. And the intuitive interface requires no pre-requisite technical knowledge. Now everyone can make data-informed decisions to drive impact.

Join the thousands of non-profits already using Tableau to cut the clutter and focus on the things that are really important.

To qualify, a non-profit must:

  • Be officially recognized tax-exempt organization in one of the countries listed below
  • Operate with an annual budget under $5 million (or equivalent in local currency)
  • Not be a school, college, mutual organization, healthcare organization, or government agency
  • Not be a religious organization incorporated exclusively for the promotion of the religion

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