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Good Enough to Great: A Quick Guide for Better Data Visualizations

Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your data visualizations with these five tips.

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In today’s marketplace, successful decision-making has everything to do with turning data insights into action. And because the goal of data visualization is impact, not numbers, here are five ways to take your visualizations from good enough to great.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • Different chart types and when to use them
  • How to use shapes and custom shapes
  • Best practices for colors, logos and text
  • Mark sizes and data maps
  • Labels and dashboard composition
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They show up for the beautiful visualization, but they stay for the insight. So what you want is to get people ‘addicted’ to the data by making it interactive, making it fun, and allowing them to find things on their own.

Over Tableau

Tableau helpt mensen data om te zetten in praktische inzichten. Verken de data aan de hand van onbeperkte visuele analyses. Bouw dashboards en voer ad-hocanalyses uit met enkele muisklikken. Deel je werk met iedereen en zet iets neer binnen je bedrijf. Van internationale ondernemingen en beginnende start-ups tot het MKB: overal wordt Tableau gebruikt om data te kunnen zien en begrijpen.

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Fast Company
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