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Data + Diversity: Bias in AI with Carol Reiley

The Data + Diversity series provides a platform for community conversations surrounding the challenges and solutions to diversity in data. In this session, we explore Bias in AI with entrepreneur, Artificial Intelligence roboticist, and investor, Carol Reiley.


  • Intro of Tableau Equity Taskforce member, Candra McRae hosted by Tableau's Renee MacLeod
  • When Bias in AI Could Mean Life or Death keynote with special guest Carol Reiley
  • Fireside chat with Carol Reiley and Tableau Visionary Chantilly Jaggernauth 

Keynote Overview:

With the rise of AI and data in almost every industry comes the potential dangers and shortcomings of products that are being released in the real world. During this talk we will go behind the scenes to explore why the systems and designs fail in some applications and steps we can take collectively while working on these systems. We will discuss the current state of technology and share anecdotes as we embark on a new frontier for technology.

About the speakers


Carol Reiley

Carol Reiley (aka Mother of Robots) is an entrepreneur, Artificial Intelligence roboticist and investor. She is currently CEO of a healthcare startup, a Collaborative Partner of the San Francisco Symphony, is a World Economics Forum Young Global Leader, and a brand ambassador for Guerlain Cosmetics to launch their international beauty campaign. She has served on numerous tech and advisory boards such as Harman Kardon, Samba Nova, and Santa Clara University's Engineering Board. She recently founded DeepMusic.ai, a nonprofit organization that advocates human creativity in AI + the arts.

A pioneer in teleoperated and autonomous robot systems in applications such as healthcare, land, sea, space, and art robots, Reiley previously worked at Intuitive Surgical, Lockheed Martin, and General Electric. She co-founded, invested, and was President of Drive.ai, a self-driving car company where she raised more than $77 million and sold to Apple in 2019. Reiley was previously an instructor at Johns Hopkins University and have published over a dozen papers and has eight technical patents. She has guest lectured at top universities from Stanford to MIT. She was the first female engineer on the cover of MAKE magazine and was the youngest member on the IEEE Robotics and Engineering Board. Reiley also founded Tinkerbelle Labs for low-cost healthcare, as well as Squishybotz for educational robotics. Her children’s book on growth mindset has sold more than 20,000 copies, and she led a robot outreach event for more than 1,000 low-income students in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. . She has been recognized by Forbes, Inc Magazine, and Quartz's Most Powerful Founders lists in Artificial Intelligence; served as an advocate for underrepresented groups in technology; and spoken out about bias in AI. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, MIT Tech Review, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Wired.


Renee MacLeod

Director, Inclusive Marketing, Tableau

Renee MacLeod is a lifelong Washingtonian, marketing leader, mother of three, and proud member of the LGBTQ community. The youngest daughter of an anti-segregationist Tennessean and a Scottish immigrant, Renee has spent her life believing the validity and the importance of diversity, access, representation, and advocating for the right to love who you love. Across her work with African American elders and their families, her role on the Board of Directors at Families of Color Seattle, and her efforts leading inclusive marketing at Tableau, Renee, MSW, centers her work at the convergence of technology, data, and community as the foundation for driving advocacy, understanding, and impact.


Chantilly Jaggernauth

Vice President of Data Visualization & Training, Lovelytics

Chantilly Jaggernauth's mission is to empower corporations and individuals through the use of data visualizations and data analytics. She is a two year Tableau Visionary who specializes in data visualization, data analytics, design, and training.

Currently, she is the Vice President of Data Visualization and Training at Lovelytics based in Arlington, VA. Prior to joining Lovelytics, Chantilly worked for Johnson and Johnson and Comcast.
In addition to her day job, Chantilly is the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization Millennials and Data (#MAD). Through #MAD, she works to bridge the data literacy and analytical skills gap by training, mentoring, and preparing millennials to enter a data- driven global environment.


Candra McRae

Candra is the principal consultant and founder of Lumodis, an analytics services firm focused on data strategy, data visualization, data literacy, and digital experience optimization. She is a Tableau Visionary, Tableau Public Ambassador, Community Equity Task Force member, Tableau Data Leaders Advisory Board member, previous #TC18 speaker, and former featured author. When she is not showing others how to understand their data or how to tell data stories that inspire action, she enjoys moving the conversation forward related to diversity in tech and data ethics.