Provide transparencies of progress and impact of programs

Many not-for-profits strive to measure and provide transparency around their programs as they solicit funds from donors. A successful program is one that is able to measure, qualify, and quantify the impact achieved from the start to end of a program.

Tableau Desktop easily aggregates and visualizes hundreds of data points across your program. This provides you the ability to visualize and analyze the impact of any implemented program over any given period of time to factually determine its success or failure.

This dashboard visualizes the rich data set from a Krochet Kids Int. program aimed at improving the lives of the women in Uganda. You have the ability to select one or more mentors, also known as social workers, to visualize the group of Uganda women under their care. To understand the progress and impact of this particular program and how it has affected these women, select a date or a range of dates to visualize the cumulative changes of the assets of these women. Time is one of the most critical elements in the measurement of impact.