Best of the Tableau Web: New Zen Masters, visualizing music, and dynamic range parameters

Ah, February, the best month of the year at Tableau—no, not because it's my birthday on the 12th, but because it's the month we announce our new Zen Masters. Part (not all) of what makes a Zen Master so incredible is what they blog about. This month, as always, the Zens have set great examples.

We welcome Neil Richards to the program, and enjoyed his exploration of ways to visualize timelines. Ann Jackson wrote a super post about her experiences with the Tableau Foundation. Ken Flerlage continues to amaze with his creativity—I mean, music? In Tableau? Even our new Hall of Famers prove they've still full of new ideas, with Jonathan Drummey's excellent post on dynamic range parameters, and Andy Kriebel's mosaic chart from his running activity data.

As always, I love to read these Tableau blogs, and continue to enjoy sharing them here on our blog. Keep it up!

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