In the past, customers always tell us that the Tableau Customer Conference helps them do two things: learn and network. This year, we're trying to combine those two objectives together in a seamless experience called Community Alley. In this video, Community Manager Dustin Smith walks you through Community Alley--what it is and what you'll get out of it.
You can learn more about Community Alley and the Customer Conference on our website here. And if you haven't already checked out the Tableau Community Site, you can do so by clicking here.

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That was a great video, very well done Dustin!

I'll be sure to spend a bunch of time on Community Alley :)

Thanks Joe! I'll save you a seat next to the coffee bar.

Sounds like a good place to hang out!

Great idea Daniel!! I think you covered a lot of bases related to the interactions, and reasons!! Another winner of an idea; well done!!

Hhhmmm...t-shirt ideas

T-shirt idea of the day: Tableau Alley Cats

I'm thinking "Tableau 8 the competition" with some tired and haggard looking "almost" logo's of some of your competitors...


You have a way with words.


Good one on the T-shirt idea. Need something new, 'cause co-workers keep taking the shirts off my back when I wear them on Fridays. Running out of wardrobe, and nobody wants to see that!



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