Supply chain analytics

Efficiently deliver more with less across your supply chain

Tableau demo for supply chain

Visually analyze your rework process to cut costs

Watch this demo to see Tableau in action visually analysing the entire rework process—helping manufacturers quickly spot defects, get AI explanations, and cut costs.

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Deliver more with less using supply chain analytics

Boost efficiency by getting the most out of your data



Incorporate data from anywhere to create a real-time, comprehensive view of your entire supply chain.


Identify and solve problems fast with easy access to actionable insights, intelligent recommendations, and data alerts.


Adapt your forecasts quickly to manage demand effectively and reduce errors impacting your bottom line.


Share real-time insights across your network to decrease inefficiencies, enable collaboration, and provide connected customer experiences.

Plug-and-play analytics

Jumpstart your analysis and realize business value faster with Tableau Accelerators: free turnkey dashboards that work with your existing data.

Seeing is believing

Tableau's Accelerators show you the art of what's possible — and lets you make it your own. We think you’ll love them, but don’t take our word for it: see for yourself.

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Shipment logistics

The Tableau Accelerator for Shipment Logistics helps you get data-driven insights for monitoring shipments. Logistics managers can use this Accelerator to better understand shipment logistics and deliver to customers on time.



The Tableau Accelerator for Sales (expert) gives you a jumpstart to getting data-driven insights for not only sales results and sales profitability (or margin), but also provides expert-level analyses for customer segmentation, and more.



The Tableau Accelerator for Inventory helps you quickly get data-driven insights into your inventory. Inventory managers can use this Accelerator to better understand stock positions, inventory value, missing stock, and stock surplus.

The value of a data-driven supply chain

26% decrease in time required to analyze information  

29% increase in business user productivity

29% faster creation of Machine Learning and AI 

Supply Chain Analytics: Deliver More with less

Navigating today’s global supply chain is a series of complex, ongoing challenges. Tableau supply chain analytics gives you visibility across your entire supply chain by integrating data from your existing systems to create a real-time, single source of truth. 

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Accelerate transformation and build trusted relationships

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