What is the Best Methodology? Getting to Double-loop Learning


In this second paper in a series of four, Frank explores different models to determine which measurements align with your organization’s goals. Whether rooted in financial metrics or using a balanced scorecard approach, there is a variety of measurement types that can be applied. Selecting the most relevant is an important step to support your goals.

In this series of papers, author and industry expert Frank Buytendijk examines the people side of business performance and business intelligence. They include:

  1. Fact-based decision-making, or is it? Take a close look at the process of decision making to ensure a rational, appropriate process is applied.
  2. What is the best methodology? Getting to double-loop learning. Understanding the right measurement methodology is essential to achieving your requirements.
  3. Number games: making sure metrics drive the right behavior. Why it’s important to use measurements that incent actions that benefit the organization as a whole.
  4. It’s the culture, stupid! Unless measurements are linked to an organization’s culture, the effect will be lost.

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Frank Buytendijk

Industry Analyst