Adding value with embedded analytics: A guide to embedding with Tableau

Modern analytics when and where you need them

Data is everywhere and is being used to make decisions more and more often. As a result, being able to access data and analyze it from anywhere is becoming even more important. You can embed analytics into your applications, offer analytics as a service as a data product, or embed analytics in web portals or your company intranet—embedding analytics provides the level of access to business intelligence your customers, partners, and employees need.

Tableau embedded analytics integration

Embedding Tableau helps you take your product to market faster, quickly deploy new analytics content, and fulfill change requests in moments. This paper covers use cases for embedded analytics integrations with Tableau, including:

  • Simple web pages — Any dashboard published to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud can be easily embedded in a web page via a simple HTML embed code generated by Tableau. Embed codes are great for sharing data visualizations with large, general audiences. For example, blogs and news sites often use embedded Tableau dashboards.
  • Custom web portals — Tableau makes it easy to embed analytics content in custom web portals for in-house employees or externally for customers and partners. Connect to your data and build dashboards in Tableau, then seamlessly deploy the content to your web portal using our JavaScript API. This method gives you full programmatic control of embedded analytics, including preset dashboard filtering, custom interface elements and actions, and endless possibilities with external integrations.
  • Third-party applications — Put critical data and interactive analytics where your people are. Embedding visual analytics in the applications your business already uses, like Salesforce or SharePoint, ensures people have the data they need to make informed decisions without needing to learn new software or alter their workflow. Use our Mobile App Bootstrap to bring Tableau analytics to mobile applications, enabling data access and analysis on the go.
  • Customer-facing software and data products — An embedded analytics integration with Tableau frees your development team to focus on critical features of your product while ensuring you go to market with the gold standard for intuitive visual analytics. The Tableau platform gives you the flexibility to leverage current security protocols and minimize development costs by providing solutions for authentication, data access management, and more. And the REST API gives you full programmatic control of backend functionality over HTTP including data source, project, workbook, and user functions.

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