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Tableau Tea Talks Episode 5 - Analytics for Healthcare and Life-Sciences

Customers across the world like yourself, are including Tableau in their applications to provide their end users actionable insights and data that they can use to drive their business decisions. Bring a cup of tea and join us as we walk you through how you can level this up by including some of the latest features we’ve released in your application. We’ll also be speaking with Tableau and industry experts to understand their experience in leveraging Tableau to provide analytics to their end-users.

Topics covered

  • Leveraging data during uncertain times: How organizations in the healthcare space are leveraging data and analytics at this time.

  • Exciting new features in Tableau: A walk-through of some great features that have recently been released and that are other manufacturing customers are leveraging on since the start of 2019 like Metrics, Ask Data, Explain Data, Viz Animations and much more!

  • Fireside Chat with one of our customers: We’ll be checking in with our Customer Rock-stars, on how they’ve been using Tableau in their organizations and also get a sense of how they’ve been coping with the new workplace normal

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