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The Key To Gridlock?

Please come join Eric and Andrew for an expert talk & demo for this second part of our Machine Learning Demystified virtual conference series.

London’s increasing road congestion is becoming a major challenge. Using thousands of active data sensors across the English capital, can we predict congestion ahead of time? That’s the challenge the Datatonic team took on when they analyzed three months of data from 14,000 sensors.

The session will lay out the whole process of creating a predictive model and how Tableau can support every step of development:

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Exploration
  • Tensorflow
  • Modelization, Visualization, Prediction

Register even if you can't attend the event to receive a recording of the presentation.
Live start time: UK - 10am | Netherlands - 11am | United Arab Emirates - 1pm

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Eric Hannell,

Senior Product Consultant, Tableau

Eric was a Tableau customer in a previous life. Now he is a Senior Product Consultant based in London. He spends a lot of time with Spanish-speaking customers but is happy to help anyone and everyone see and understand their data. Lover of many things including: Python, public bicycle hire schemes, and tacos.


Dr. Andrew Powell


Andrew is a Data Scientist at Datatonic. Andy holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics and is an expert in data visualisation using Tableau. He has in-depth knowledge across the Google Cloud Platform, including machine learning using TensorFlow and data analytics in Google BigQuery.

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