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Enabling SQL Analysis with AWS Aurora and Tableau

At most organizations, the SQL database is sacrosanct. Database administrators protect the write operations and storage requirements of the database to ensure that no matter what, every piece of data is accurately recorded. Analysis? In most cases, analysis can wait. Live connections to the database during business hours are seen as dangerous and unnecessary. Unfortunately, this limits the usefulness of the data that is being so carefully stored and curated.

With Amazon Web Services Aurora and Tableau, those restraints can be lifted. Attend this webinar to learn how to transform your SQL analytics with the unique capabilities of AWS Aurora and Tableau including:

  • Separate storage and database leading to very little I/O and faster concurrent queries
  • No provisioned storage, meaning you can scale to extremely large sizes without sharding, archiving or deleting
  • Data gravity, when Tableau Server and Aurora are hosted in the same AWS region

Explore next generation business intelligence in the cloud with Tableau + AWS.

About the speakers


Scott Ward

Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ross Perez

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Tableau Software

Ross Perez is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Tableau Software. His job is to market and promote Tableau's cloud technology partners. A large part of his role involves using Tableau’s business intelligence software to help identify new ways that Tableau's customers can take advantage of the technologies that Tableau integrates with. He has been able to speak about topics related to big data, cloud analytics, visualization and visual best practices at SXSW, Techweek, O’Reilly Strata, Google Gauge and the Tableau Customer Conference. Ross is also the Chairman of the Iron Viz Championship, a visualization competition held at the Tableau Conference every year.

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