We believe that data is a critical tool in the fight against entrenched, systemic racism in the United States. Through the Racial Justice Data Initiative—a recently expanded $18 million, three year commitment—Tableau Foundation works to build the data capacity of national, regional, and community-based organizations working to fight anti-Black racism in the United States. We also aim to democratize access to racial justice data that advocates need to push for change at the local level. Following universal design principles, we believe that focusing on the Black community, which has disproportionately suffered the adverse effects of racism, will help ensure all underrepresented populations have the opportunity to flourish.

What we do


Combat racism

Combat anti-Black racism in the U.S. by building the data capacity of BIPOC-led organizations working on equitable education, criminal justice reform, and building economic and political power.

Democratize data

Democratize the use of disaggregated data and share case studies and resources for the use of data for racial justice through the Racial Equity Data Hub.

2000 trained

Build data literacy by training 2,000 racial equity and justice advocates across the country.


The Data Equity Hub

Access dedicated resources, datasets, visualizations, and insights from leaders on the use of data for anti-racism and equity work. Through the Data Equity Hub, we are sharing best practices for the ethical use of data in this space, and elevating stories and case studies from partners about the impact of data. 

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Recent Highlights

Introspection and Action: An open letter from Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky

In reflecting on the racial justice reckoning of 2020, Tableau's CEO considers the role of data in the fight for equity and justice.

The Pipeline Delivers: Equity and Opportunity in Public Education

Presenting at TC19, our partners at Equal Opportunity Schools present on how traditional metrics fail to advance education equity.

How data is driving justice for boys of color in California schools

PolicyLink's Alliance for Boys and Men of Color used data to show how school disciplinary policies could change to advance racial equity.

Learn who we work with

In our Living Annual Report, you can see all of our partnerships toward the goal of advancing racial justice.

Our Living Annual Report shows the work we’ve done so far and shares what we’ve learned along the way. As the work grows and changes, this report will change with it.

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