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My Tableau Story with Visionary Adam Mico

In August 2019, Adam joined the Community as a way to use Tableau outside of work. Initially, he was afraid to fully commit to the Community because he feared disappointment. Learn how he took those first few steps and has grown as a leader, content contributor, and built connections with those who share his vision of inclusion, acceptance, and fun.

"I came from literally nowhere. I was just an anonymous government employee who more or less gave in to not fitting in. I planned to sleep-walk through life; after many years, I pushed through and overcame the ceiling I (or others) placed on me. Your breakthrough is coming regardless of a label."  — From What Does Being A Tableau Visionary Mean To Me by Adam Mico

Watch Episode 3 of our My Tableau Story series and be inspired by Adam's Tableau story and get advice on charting your personal path through the Community.

About the speakers


Adam Mico

Principal, Data Viz and Enablement at Moderna

Adam is a 2022 Tableau Visionary, Tableau Social Ambassador, 2020 Tableau Featured Author, 2020 Michael Cristiani Community Leadership Winner, and Data Leadership Collaborative Advisory Board Member. In addition to community-building, he focuses on making data visualization inclusive through smart design applying clean and actionable data-driven insights.

Lelia wearing Tableau Community t-shirt smiling on orange background while holding #DataFam sign and peace sign

Lelia Christine Williams

Community Program Manager at Tableau

Lelia Christine Williams is an innovative and strategic marketer passionate about elevating underrepresented voices and connecting change-makers through community. She first joined Tableau in 2012 and focused on helping people learn and be successful with Tableau. She took a sabbatical in 2015 to coach, teach, and run events for creative entrepreneurs.

Upon returning to Tableau in 2017, Lelia led and executed field events across Latin America and the U.S. that connected people and created impact. In 2020, she championed and built the Women Leading Through Change program - a virtual initiative to bring the teachings of impactful community leaders to data people. In 2021, Lelia joined the Tableau Community team as an Integration & Enablement Program Manager, focused on elevating the reach and impact of our Community.

Lelia is passionate about empowering you to love yourself and the life you create - inside and outside of your work. Embracing her talents for writing and speaking, she designed and published the Wild Wisdom guided journal, and the Bloom in Love podcast. She lives in San Diego, CA with her lovable rescue pitbull, Dr. Indiana Jones.

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