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Unifying Your Marketing Data for Greater Results

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Unify your marketing data with Tableau and Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Tableau provide a solution to unify your marketing data; one that creates a single source of truth and empowers teams to analyze information and drive realtime decisions, without requiring expert analysts or complex workflows. By connecting disparate data sources like CRM solutions or marketing automation systems into one accessible view, deeper audience insights are revealed that immediately impact your business and support deeper customer connections.

This e-book details reasons that marketers can benefit from a holistic and accessible view of their data to realize organizational efficiencies and better outcomes with campaigns, while elevating brand performance with sales and customer affinity.

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For the first time, we have a single view of data across various marketing touchpoints.

Informazioni su Tableau

Tableau aiuta a trasformare i dati in azioni concrete. Esplora i dati con un'analisi visiva senza limiti, elabora le tue dashboard ed esegui analisi mirate con pochi clic, condividi il tuo lavoro con gli altri per contribuire al successo dell'azienda. Dalle multinazionali alle piccole imprese, fino alle start-up che muovono i primi passi, Tableau è il sostegno migliore per visualizzare e interpretare i dati.

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