Tableau Online Customers: 9.0 is Coming Soon!

Tableau Online is excited to be the first member of the Tableau family to release the new and improved 9.0 Server experience to our customers. The new user interface is cleaner, more modern, and even easier to use than before. Everyone involved in beta testing has gotten a sneak peek, but we thought it was time for our entire Tableau Online community to be in the know.

Watch this video below for a quick sneak preview of the new interface:

Tableau Online will be launched before the other 9.0 products. The upgrade shouldn’t otherwise disrupt your existing workflows or schedules. However, you will need to have Tableau Desktop v8.2.5 or higher in order to take advantage of all of the capabilities of Tableau Online, including the ability to connect live to your cloud-hosted databases. If you are using our Command-line tool (tabcmd) with Tableau Online, you should download the new version of the Tableau toolkit as soon as the upgrade has occurred (click here for Tabcmd-64bit and Tabcmd-32bit). For the best experience, be sure to download Tableau Desktop 9.0 when it's announced!

But that’s not all: In addition to launching Tableau Online 9.0, we have even more exciting features coming soon. Some of our beta testers have seen new feature capabilities like the Tableau Online Sync Client and Site-Level SAML configuration. Although they won’t be available when 9.0 comes out, they'll follow soon after. Keep your eyes on this space for upcoming announcements!

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